The Candy That Can’t Be Topped.

You guessed it!  These savory, soft wigglers that are arousing to the nose are indefinitely and unconditionally my favorite candy of all time!  I don’t know where I’d be in life without these little sugary munchkens…..Certainly in prison.  These little guys are my personal and covered-up drug.  I must take them at least once a week if I don’t want to go crazy and have a panic attack.  *Gets gummy worm*  Do you think you can top a gummy worm?

Guess what, I think I just topped a gummy worm.  The only worldly power greater than a gummy worm has to be……The World’s Largest Gummy Worm!!  *Faints* I thought life couldn’t get any sweeter (pun intended)!  This gummy worm has changed my life!  It’ll change yours too.  Just order yours at!  Admire the tasty behemoth below.

Here’s some eye-candy for you guys:

*More to be added…….*

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