My Junior Retreat

Today on this otherwise abnormal day of high school, the junior class was presented with an important treat.  We were going on our first junior retreat.  I’m not gonna waste any time talking about the shits and giggles before the trip, so I will get to the meat.

The bus ride there felt like the most relaxing feeling in the world.  Not in a long time have I rode the bus from school to somewhere besides my home.  I love the sound of people talking….it is obviously the best sound in the world.  I had a friend who was sitting beside me, but we didn’t feel like talking at the moment though, we just wanted to enjoy the bus ride.  The sights that we’ve encountered were beautiful.  I live in Cincinnati, and we were going somewhere in Kentucky to go to A preshistoric Church.  We rode through downtown Cincinnati, and boy is it a sight to behold!  Downtown Cincinnati is beautiful: Paul Brown Stadium, the various delicious restaurants, the normal yet uniquely-moving traffic, Carew Tower, the buildings, and especially Fountain Square are all beautiful works of art carved out of pure elegance.  *Half an hour later* We have arrived at our destination.  The building looks like a Catholic school I know (no names).

We are guided through the building to a meeting room where we were given the breakdown of the whole retreat.  Basically, we were asked to state any problems that we had in life, like friends, family, tough decisions, etc.

This retreat really helped to awaken my inner motivation to want to work for the life I want to have, which is a fun, easy, social, ever-changing experience of new and unique adventures.

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