My New Phone

Yesterday, I got a new phone that’s improved from my old phone.  I got a new one because I got my old one stolen.  But it was clumsiness on my part that caused the demise of my phone (at least from my view).  While I was running in town yesterday, my phone must have fallen out of my pocket which wasn’t zipped up.  Well, I didn’t know that my phone fell out of my pocket until after I got home.  I went back into town the next day to see if I could find my phone….no dice (I found my chapstick which had apparently fallen out with my phone).  I assumed someone stole it.  Ironically they didn’t steal the chapstick also lol, but then again, who would want to steal chapstick?  I was really angry, because I don’t get why people can’t just put in effort on their part to just work up the money to buy themselves the phone they want.  Oh well, they did me a favor by allowing me an excuse to get an even better phone, so I’m not complaining even more.  To this day, I keep my phone in a zipped up pocket.

Lesson of the Day: Lock up your belongings people, because they will fall out and be nowhere to be found :).

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