What’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the name of this show?  Complete, utter, total crap that’s embarrasing to put on mainstream television for the entire world to be its unlucky witnesses.  Seriously, television back then had good tv shows that didn’t emphasize (or implement) sex, drugs, and rebellious behavior in order to be well viewed.  This is probably just a problem with MTV though, as the horrifically slutty,whore-filled, alcoholic, lowlife shows tend to conjugate there.  This show, along with Jersey Shore, is a perfect example of said descriptions above.  I’m thinking to myself “Why in the heck does the media advertise and promote this kinda crap?”.  Geez, these people are such good role models to be idolized by the millions of tweens and teens who watch this bird’s nest of a show /sarcasm.

I watched the first episode, and I have some things to say about it.  First, the character, Cassie, just seems too unrealistic to be a real human being.  Seriously, who keeps a live rabbit in a cage in their house to cook it for stew?  Why is the first thing she asks for at the party sarcotics?  She’s also really standoffish.  It’s my opinion, but I just think she’s badly rehearsed.  Second, Tony and Michelle are making out 24/7!  Seriously, whenever Michelle steps into Tony’s eyesight, they can’t not make out to save their lives!  A little making out is good, but when the making out is as so common as when both of them appear on the screen, it gets tedious….fast!  As of right now, I really don’t know much about the others.


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