Is It That Big Of A Deal?

Ok, so I was trying to help my school and do a fundraiser selling tickets today.  So I’m at my mall’s entrance offering people tickets for a dollar.  Then, annoyingly, I only get to talk to 10 people until the security cop shows up to see what I’m doing.  He asks me “Do you have a permit?”, and I say no.  Then he asks me “How many of you are here?”, and I say 1.  Then he asks “What are you trying to do?”, and I show him my tickets I’m trying to sell.  He says that the mall is private property and I can’t sell on it, so I have to leave before I get in trouble with the cops.  Jeez, the worries that people have on their minds these days, they need to learn to ease up, it’s not like I was wearing a hoodie, smoking a cigarette, with a grimace, and holding a gun lol.  Where else am I able to go that has pedestrian flow as busy as a public store??

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