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Is It That Big Of A Deal?

Ok, so I was trying to help my school and do a fundraiser selling tickets today.  So I’m at my mall’s entrance offering people tickets for a dollar.  Then, annoyingly, I only get to talk to 10 people until the security cop shows up to see what I’m doing.  He asks me “Do you have a permit?”, and I say no.  Then he asks me “How many of you are here?”, and I say 1.  Then he asks “What are you trying to do?”, and I show him my tickets I’m trying to sell.  He says that the mall is private property and I can’t sell on it, so I have to leave before I get in trouble with the cops.  Jeez, the worries that people have on their minds these days, they need to learn to ease up, it’s not like I was wearing a hoodie, smoking a cigarette, with a grimace, and holding a gun lol.  Where else am I able to go that has pedestrian flow as busy as a public store??



Today, when I was riding with my mom in order to go pick up a job application from Frisch’s Big Boy, we saw a woman in her car ordering her savory food.  Behold my words, never approach this woman’s car from the rear.  Her license plate says “Y U NV ME”.  A side of me thought this was the much wanted comic relief I needed for the day.  Another side of me was utterly annoyed by how immature some adults can be.  Another side of me doesn’t ENVY her -_-….it thinks that she’s a total retard that has to grab and hold people’s attention 24/7 in order to make herself feel good because she never got what she wanted as a child -___-.

This Has Probably Happened To Everybody At One Point Or Another…

You know that one frustrating time when you miss the bus to work?  Depressing isn’t it?  Well your not alone :(.  I stood for close to an hour in the bitter cold waiting for the bus that was supposed to take me to work to arrive.  I was getting really bored and impatient.  I tried flattening the snow to keep myself amused until the bus came.  *A long time later* The bus isn’t here yet, so I’m like “Screw it, I’m going to the library”.  And here comes another common (albeit extremely annoying) occurence.  While I’m walking to the library, I SEE THE VERY BUS THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO TAKE ME TO WORK GO RIGHT PAST ME before my very eyes!!  I was angry :(.

Metro buses are a real good way to tick you off and ruin your day.  It really has ruined my day before.  When I went downtown (I needed the bus to get there), I bought a transfer that allows you to get on two buses before expiring.  Well, I stay downtown for the whole day you know, enjoying the views and sights and whatnot.  So I’m ready to take the bus home.  I WAITED TWO WHOLE HOURS FOR MY BUS TO ARRIVE IN THE RAIN.  Guess what?  When my bus gets here (for some weird reason, the bus changed its route to a town near me), the bus driver very effectively enrages me by saying “this transfer has expired”.  Yeah, it made my day for the worse when my mom and I got in an argument when she had to come all the way downtown to pick me up.

I’m not a pessimistic person or anything, but I will never in this life board a metro bus to go anywhere if I can help it.

Metro?  Oh no!