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Found A Girl That’s Ready For Work!

So I’m at the water park enjoying the warm, crisp sun and of course, the water. I was swimming for a little bit (boy isn’t it cold for that first fraction of a second when you jump in that pool?). At one point, I took a dip from the diving pool, did a front flip, and landed on my face…..HARRRRD! Never again. Some kid told me my eyes were bleeding. I went and checked, but they were just really red. But still, as soon as I saw them, I wanted to directly slap my brain for doing something so stupid. So I wait till my eyes get better….

*Half an hour later*

I go back out and decide to just bask out in the sun…..and look at girls! I see lots of tigers, and out of nowhere, this really-attractive-eyebrowed-girl comes comes up. I’m like “Damnnnn, her eyebrows look too perfect!”. So, I keep staring. Eventually she jumps in the pool with her friends and I’m like “Wet girls are sexier than dry girls”, so I jump back in the pool! Enduring that half-second of cold and shivers, I find the girl I’ve been eyeing, and proceed to eye her even more! She’s caught me in the act a few times, and I’m kind of timid, so I break eye contact. And then out of nowhere, here she comes right towards me playing in the water, and she “accidentally” splashes water on me. She said “Oh I’m so sorry, I really am”, and I say “You’re fine”. I start swimming, and by coincidence I end up right in front of the girl when I resurface, and I heard her say something like “Oh my god he looks like….”, I didn’t know what came after that. I swim underwater again, and ONCE AGAIN, I resurface right beside HER!!! And THIS TIME, I caught a side-glance of her eyeing ME!! I’m like “THIS GIRL’S INTO ME!! HELL YEAH!!”

Being the lazy-ass I am, I go back to sitting on my lawn chair and chill. After some time, the girl and her friends are passing by me and SHE GIVES ME A WAVE!! I wimpingly wave back but I’m like “YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!”.

Now, still the flop that I am, stage the surpassable act of leaving the place. I’m about to reach the exit, and just as I (evil laugh) planned, she comes up and asks for my phone number! I was so excited! So we exchanged names and numbers. “My name’s Brandon”, I say. “I’m Layla”, she says. And I leave. My heart was full of happiness. I know I’m a guy, but I’m not afraid to express my feelings!

That was about 3 weeks to a month ago, and we’re still texting and getting to know each other better. And we’re about to go on a date, and we’re gonna hold hands! And (coming from a young guy) the best gift she could give me is that she’s HORNY AS HELL!! I swear, she’s the horniest girlfriend I’ve had so far, and I seriously think she’ll make me lose my virginity (I still have it :p. I keep telling myself what would happen to me and is it worth 6 seconds of intense satisfaction?). But we have so much chemistry I might consider losing it! I’m being serious when I say that it’s as easy to talk about sex and horniness with her as it is talking about school (yeah, we’re that hung >.>)! Problem is, she’s told me she’s had sex with another guy before, so I’m cautious if she has an STD.

First date with her is this Saturday!


A Miraculous Event!

Today at school, one of my friends told me that they went over to an all-girl school.  He needed to go to the restroom, and when he went in, he saw two girls going at it……wowzers!  The thought of that puts me into a state of eternal happiness of which I should never be taken from and in which I shall never move from that position.  If I didn’t go to an all-guy school, I would have certainly wanted the same thing to happen over here, so we could have something just unbelievable to talk about.  I’m still in the lightheaded stage of the whole situation because girls have such a powerful influence in my life.