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Mowing Lawns This Summer

Mrrrrrrrr!  I was going to be hearing the sound of a lawn mower a lot this summer.  In dire need of money for myself, and it being summer, I’ve thought of mowing some lawns this summer.  I get paid $10 for every lawn I do.  I didn’t enjoy the work (who does?), but I got a couple of people who were very grateful of my volunteering and told me that I’m actually going to get somewhere in life because of my voluntary action.  I’ve earned over $60 so far this summer, and I’m going for more.

Most of my offers at attending to peoples’ lawns get turned down though.  One day, I visited a WHOLE neighborhood, and every single house rejected me.  I was kind of discouraged after that day.  I was thinking, “Why am I wasting my time in this blazing heat for nothing?”.  Some people are just straight-out rude.  The one that particularly got to me was when  I went up this one old guy’s house, and offered to mow his lawn.  He was like “Do I look like I want you to cut it?  No!  Go away!”.  He was wearing only his underwear at the time, so I could see where he was coming from.  Then again, no, because he could have been in the house.  I left the house.  I try to pay attention to the people that DO want their lawns cut.

I hit a jackpot when I came to this one woman’s house and offered her lawn cut.  She said yes, so I proceeded to mow her lawn.  When I finished and she gave me her money, she asked if I wanted a unofficial job cutting her lawn WHENEVER it grows back.  I accepted the god-blessed deal.  Now, after constantly looking for different lawns to mow, getting turned down most of the time, and enduring the heat, I’LL EARN $10 WHENEVER HER LAWN GROWS BACK!  This taught me an important lesson:  You will find good things and be rewarded if you are persistent and come across the right people.

I definately got something out of this summer, and it’s not even over yet!