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Fifty Shades of Grey.

That book that everybody was talking about, yeah, I caved into curiosity.  So I go to my local Kroger and buy a copy.  I always get a high when I buy a new book, “A new adventure with interesting people to read about awaits”, I tell myself with every book I buy.  I did it for the Hunger Games, and that couldn’t have been any truer.  I hope Fifty Shades doesn’t disappoint.  So I open the book and start reading.  The font is very promising, gives the book a very crisp look.

Ok, enough of talking in present tense.  I’m about 400 pages into the book, so you can tell that it has me hooked.  Reading about Anastasia and Christian is very interesting, and not just for the BDSM-charged atmosphere between them.  Although, I do have a hangup with Anastasia (so really, the author): she uses the same words and phrases OVER and OVER again.  “Holy shit/crap/cow“, “Jeez“, “Oh God”, “Crap/Double crap”, and a lot more examples that I don’t feel like listing.  Seriously, she tosses those phrases around like verbal fruit cake, come up with something different please.  And my hangup with Christian is that he refers to Anastasia as just that almost all the time, while everybody else just calls her “Ana”.  Christian, I don’t know how sophisticated and enigmatic you feel, but you’re in bed fucking a girl, can you please drop all your formality and just shorten her name to Ana?  It makes you look like a creep (well, creep is a pretty accurate term to describe him once you learn more about him by reading the book).

But all in all, I love the book and will read the entire trilogy, and I can’t wait for the movie to come out!


I love pool-tables. In fact, they have a special place in my heart. :)

Me And Hamburgers Go Way Back

This will be a quick post, as it is as pointless as the MTV Music Awards :p.

Today, I was at the library, and I pick up a book about hamburgers. I read through it a bit, looking at the irresistible matter that is hamburgers, and find my stomach begging for one.

As soon as I get home, what do ya know? Mom’s cooking hamburgers!!!!!!!!! I felt like a genie was stalking me without me knowing. Now if only I could look at Larosa’s pizza and have the same thing happen :/.

Dusting Off My Guitar!

So roughly, 3 weeks ago, I picked up my guitar that was always lonely in the corner of my room, and just started to play it. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, I just razzle-dazzled. And I actually got a good feeling off of doing it. I bought it in my sophomore year of highschool (I’m a senior now), and I began playing it for like 2 weeks, but I was going nowhere, so I just decided to quit for a while. Now more than a year later…’s time to stroke some strings again!

You know those burning issues when you first start playing guitar? Like your finger tips hurting, how to strum correctly, getting your fretting fingers to not touch other strings, and tuning your guitar? They’ve all gotten to me, and boy did I want to just quit right there. But I was like “No, not again”. So I just kept playing.

Eventually, I discovered that you develop calluses on your fingertips the more you play guitar, and they help to ease the pain when you press down on the strings by a ton, or outright eliminate it. My ”guitar-fingers” are roughly 3 weeks old now, and I’m pretty sure I’m starting to get calluses, which is a definite plus!

I found a site called ”” and I’ve been getting lessons and tips there ever since. It’s a really great help. I’ve also gotten the help of the all-famous and powerful Youtube, and I’ve looked up a lot of keys, chords, songs and such. I’ve come across some really great guitar artists and bands like: Meghan Tonjes (I love her now :p), Woody Mann (Man, that guy’s arpeggios go unbeaten), Guns n Roses, etc. I love that there are other amateur guitarists out there like me.

Getting the chords down was hard at first, but now I can remember a good chunk of them by heart. E major/minor, A major/minor, D major/minor, G major, and C major are the chords I’ve gotten down so far. Now I’m practicing switching between them as quick as I can so I can put together some songs.

All hail my aunt for getting me a guitar book, and thus a very good source of beginner lessons!

Some day, I will be making my own original songs! One step at a time.

Just To Be Brutally Honest

I haven’t been posting for a while, and I don’t feel like posting today.  But I want to keep posting for postaday.  Do you guys ever experience that feeling when you don’t feel like typing.  That’s what I feel right now.  And I guess I’ll end my post right here, as I don’t really have anything running through my mind right now.  I’ll come up with stuff to write though, so I’ll be back with a fruitful blog next time :).

My New Phone

Yesterday, I got a new phone that’s improved from my old phone.  I got a new one because I got my old one stolen.  But it was clumsiness on my part that caused the demise of my phone (at least from my view).  While I was running in town yesterday, my phone must have fallen out of my pocket which wasn’t zipped up.  Well, I didn’t know that my phone fell out of my pocket until after I got home.  I went back into town the next day to see if I could find my phone….no dice (I found my chapstick which had apparently fallen out with my phone).  I assumed someone stole it.  Ironically they didn’t steal the chapstick also lol, but then again, who would want to steal chapstick?  I was really angry, because I don’t get why people can’t just put in effort on their part to just work up the money to buy themselves the phone they want.  Oh well, they did me a favor by allowing me an excuse to get an even better phone, so I’m not complaining even more.  To this day, I keep my phone in a zipped up pocket.

Lesson of the Day: Lock up your belongings people, because they will fall out and be nowhere to be found :).

I’m Participating In Postaday

But there’s kind of a problem.  With me not having internet access at home and having to go to my library to use the computer, I won’t be able to post on sundays.  But I will try to post everyday.  It’ll become a habit after 31 days! 🙂