My New Phone

Yesterday, I got a new phone that’s improved from my old phone.  I got a new one because I got my old one stolen.  But it was clumsiness on my part that caused the demise of my phone (at least from my view).  While I was running in town yesterday, my phone must have fallen out of my pocket which wasn’t zipped up.  Well, I didn’t know that my phone fell out of my pocket until after I got home.  I went back into town the next day to see if I could find my phone….no dice (I found my chapstick which had apparently fallen out with my phone).  I assumed someone stole it.  Ironically they didn’t steal the chapstick also lol, but then again, who would want to steal chapstick?  I was really angry, because I don’t get why people can’t just put in effort on their part to just work up the money to buy themselves the phone they want.  Oh well, they did me a favor by allowing me an excuse to get an even better phone, so I’m not complaining even more.  To this day, I keep my phone in a zipped up pocket.

Lesson of the Day: Lock up your belongings people, because they will fall out and be nowhere to be found :).


I’m Participating In Postaday

But there’s kind of a problem.  With me not having internet access at home and having to go to my library to use the computer, I won’t be able to post on sundays.  But I will try to post everyday.  It’ll become a habit after 31 days! 🙂

A Difficult Decision

I’m thinking about breaking up with my girlfriend of 9 months.  She thinks that she’s all that (conceited much?) and that she’s a special dumplin from heaven.  She is really annoying to listen to, but for her sake, I pretend to be interested.  The calls have stopped, and she doesn’t really seem to care all that much.  Most of all, I just don’t think she’s the right person for me. 

We ended up breaking up.  To be honest, I didn’t really feel all that heavily emotional for my first breakup.  Sure I felt a little bit disappointed, but it really isn’t getting to me all that much.  What’s the big deal with a breakup people?  To be honest, I kind of also felt like a big heavy weight has been taken off my shoulders!  Dang, she couldn’t get anymore annoying than she already was in the relationship.  She’s a really good liar, I have to give her that.  She lied about a lot of things like, her not being a virgin, not having a lot of friends, that I was the only person she could talk to about anything, that a dance her school was hosting only allowed students at that school to be at the dance, etc.

Oh well, more fish in the sea to catch for me :).

Ahhh, I Love Call Of Duty.

Who doesn’t? 🙂

More to come….

This Has Probably Happened To Everybody At One Point Or Another…

You know that one frustrating time when you miss the bus to work?  Depressing isn’t it?  Well your not alone :(.  I stood for close to an hour in the bitter cold waiting for the bus that was supposed to take me to work to arrive.  I was getting really bored and impatient.  I tried flattening the snow to keep myself amused until the bus came.  *A long time later* The bus isn’t here yet, so I’m like “Screw it, I’m going to the library”.  And here comes another common (albeit extremely annoying) occurence.  While I’m walking to the library, I SEE THE VERY BUS THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO TAKE ME TO WORK GO RIGHT PAST ME before my very eyes!!  I was angry :(.

Metro buses are a real good way to tick you off and ruin your day.  It really has ruined my day before.  When I went downtown (I needed the bus to get there), I bought a transfer that allows you to get on two buses before expiring.  Well, I stay downtown for the whole day you know, enjoying the views and sights and whatnot.  So I’m ready to take the bus home.  I WAITED TWO WHOLE HOURS FOR MY BUS TO ARRIVE IN THE RAIN.  Guess what?  When my bus gets here (for some weird reason, the bus changed its route to a town near me), the bus driver very effectively enrages me by saying “this transfer has expired”.  Yeah, it made my day for the worse when my mom and I got in an argument when she had to come all the way downtown to pick me up.

I’m not a pessimistic person or anything, but I will never in this life board a metro bus to go anywhere if I can help it.

Metro?  Oh no!

My Junior Retreat

Today on this otherwise abnormal day of high school, the junior class was presented with an important treat.  We were going on our first junior retreat.  I’m not gonna waste any time talking about the shits and giggles before the trip, so I will get to the meat.

The bus ride there felt like the most relaxing feeling in the world.  Not in a long time have I rode the bus from school to somewhere besides my home.  I love the sound of people talking….it is obviously the best sound in the world.  I had a friend who was sitting beside me, but we didn’t feel like talking at the moment though, we just wanted to enjoy the bus ride.  The sights that we’ve encountered were beautiful.  I live in Cincinnati, and we were going somewhere in Kentucky to go to A preshistoric Church.  We rode through downtown Cincinnati, and boy is it a sight to behold!  Downtown Cincinnati is beautiful: Paul Brown Stadium, the various delicious restaurants, the normal yet uniquely-moving traffic, Carew Tower, the buildings, and especially Fountain Square are all beautiful works of art carved out of pure elegance.  *Half an hour later* We have arrived at our destination.  The building looks like a Catholic school I know (no names).

We are guided through the building to a meeting room where we were given the breakdown of the whole retreat.  Basically, we were asked to state any problems that we had in life, like friends, family, tough decisions, etc.

This retreat really helped to awaken my inner motivation to want to work for the life I want to have, which is a fun, easy, social, ever-changing experience of new and unique adventures.

The Candy That Can’t Be Topped.

You guessed it!  These savory, soft wigglers that are arousing to the nose are indefinitely and unconditionally my favorite candy of all time!  I don’t know where I’d be in life without these little sugary munchkens…..Certainly in prison.  These little guys are my personal and covered-up drug.  I must take them at least once a week if I don’t want to go crazy and have a panic attack.  *Gets gummy worm*  Do you think you can top a gummy worm?

Guess what, I think I just topped a gummy worm.  The only worldly power greater than a gummy worm has to be……The World’s Largest Gummy Worm!!  *Faints* I thought life couldn’t get any sweeter (pun intended)!  This gummy worm has changed my life!  It’ll change yours too.  Just order yours at!  Admire the tasty behemoth below.

Here’s some eye-candy for you guys:

*More to be added…….*