Starcraft 2

This has to be the most anticipated game of all time.  I’ve been waiting for this game for 3 GRUESOME YEARS!  Now it’s only 2 more days till my wait is finally over, and I get rewarded for my unwilling patience.  Once I get this game, I probably will not leave my house for a whole day, and I will intentionally tire and deprive myself of necessary sleep just for the sake of playing this gift from the gods until I eventually do cave in to my body’s natural instinct to go to rest.  Who here loves Starcraft 2?  I’m interested in you if you do.

July 27th, 2010:

Starcraft 2 is finally out, and this game has exponentially surpassed my expectations.  It is a very tightly balanced strategy game that definitely deserves it’s place as the #1 strategy game out there.  There’s just one major problem though–my laptop’s video card can’t handle the overwhelmingly beautiful and elegant graphics of the game, so I need a new one, that costs like $120!  Not worth it just to be able to play a game with no lag.  You bet I’ll be playing this game for a very long time.  I’ll become a really good player soon enough.  Who else is interested in Starcraft 2?


Mowing Lawns This Summer

Mrrrrrrrr!  I was going to be hearing the sound of a lawn mower a lot this summer.  In dire need of money for myself, and it being summer, I’ve thought of mowing some lawns this summer.  I get paid $10 for every lawn I do.  I didn’t enjoy the work (who does?), but I got a couple of people who were very grateful of my volunteering and told me that I’m actually going to get somewhere in life because of my voluntary action.  I’ve earned over $60 so far this summer, and I’m going for more.

Most of my offers at attending to peoples’ lawns get turned down though.  One day, I visited a WHOLE neighborhood, and every single house rejected me.  I was kind of discouraged after that day.  I was thinking, “Why am I wasting my time in this blazing heat for nothing?”.  Some people are just straight-out rude.  The one that particularly got to me was when  I went up this one old guy’s house, and offered to mow his lawn.  He was like “Do I look like I want you to cut it?  No!  Go away!”.  He was wearing only his underwear at the time, so I could see where he was coming from.  Then again, no, because he could have been in the house.  I left the house.  I try to pay attention to the people that DO want their lawns cut.

I hit a jackpot when I came to this one woman’s house and offered her lawn cut.  She said yes, so I proceeded to mow her lawn.  When I finished and she gave me her money, she asked if I wanted a unofficial job cutting her lawn WHENEVER it grows back.  I accepted the god-blessed deal.  Now, after constantly looking for different lawns to mow, getting turned down most of the time, and enduring the heat, I’LL EARN $10 WHENEVER HER LAWN GROWS BACK!  This taught me an important lesson:  You will find good things and be rewarded if you are persistent and come across the right people.

I definately got something out of this summer, and it’s not even over yet!

My First Post

This post starts off all the blogging I will do that is bound to pursue after this.  I’ve been wanting to blog for a while, because I actually want a career in journalism.  Sadly, I’m kind of new to all this blogging stuff though.  But I WILL get better just like EVERYBODY does.  I will start writing about my life and different events that happen in it.  I’ll write about things in the world also.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!